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The Facebook Wall/Messenger token does not work anymore, what do I have to do?

By going to the list of sources, you realized that a pictogram indicating an error appeared on your source:

There can be several explanations for this. Maybe you've made some changes to the roles of your Facebook page recently? Or that one of the admins of your page has changed the password of his account?

In any case, the token (see below) used by the source is no longer valid and you must renew it to resume the synchronization.

To skip the explanations and go directly to the process of generating a new token, click here!

What is a token?

When you manage your page directly from Facebook, you use your username and password to log in to your account. RingCentral Engage Digital does not use a pair of username/password to retrieve messages and publish them on your behalf on Facebook, but an authentication token. This token makes it possible to authenticate RingCentral with Facebook and to prove that we have the necessary authorizations in order to carry out the requested operations. The use of a token allows indirect authentication without the use of a password for greater security.

By generating a token and entering it when configuring a source, you delegate the management rights of your page to a third-party tool - in this case, RingCentral Engage Digital.

In practice, a token is a long string of characters generated randomly. To be valid, a token must have been generated by an account that is an administrator of the page. A token that has been functional for a period of time may also be invalidated for various reasons.

Why is the token not valid anymore?

The validity of the tokens is not managed by RingCentral: the organization issuing the token (here Facebook) can at any time invalidate a token without prior warning. Unfortunately, RingCentral has no control or visibility and therefore, can't prevent their expiration.

A token can be invalidated as a result of actions such as changing the password of the account of one of the people managing the page, or changes to the roles of the page. In our experience, these are the main causes of invalidation, but they can also be invalidated for more or less opaque reasons that are not mentioned in the official documents of the issuing organizations.

The Invalidation of the token will cause the synchronization of the source to be interrupted because RingCentral can no longer authenticate with Facebook: RingCentral is denied access to the requested data.

How to generate a new valid token?

In RingCentral Engage Digital, your role must have the permission to edit sources in order to update the token (from step 3 of the following procedure).

Make sure you have the Administrator role on the page for which you want to generate a token or to be in contact with an Administrator.
  • Only an Administrator of the page has the necessary authorizations to generate a valid token. The token you generate will not be valid if you have one of the following roles: Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, Live Contributor.
  • To check the roles of your page on Facebook, go to Settings > Page Roles and in the Existing Roles section on the Page.
  • If you have multiple Facebook accounts, make sure you are logged in to the correct account.
  1. In RingCentral Engage Digital, go to Administration > Sources, then click the pencil pictogram to edit the source.

  2. To generate the token:

    • If you are an administrator of the Facebook page, click on the "Login with Facebook" button to the right of "Recover User Token and Page ID". The token generation page opens in another tab.

    • If you are not a Facebook page administrator, right-click to copy the link address and send it to an administrator, asking them to generate the token for you.If you try to generate a token without being an administrator, the generated token will not be valid: an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to finalize the creation of the source.

      If you use this link to generate a token for the first time, an authorization request window appears: continue and click OK without changing the permissions. RingCentral Engage Digital requires all these permissions to ensure the proper functioning of the source.
  3. On the token generation page (Facebook page setup), copy the User Token and the ID page of the page to be connected.

  4. Paste them respectively into the "User Token" and "Page ID" fields of the source creation page in RingCentral Engage Digital.

  5. Save. If the token is valid, you are redirected to the sources list. Otherwise, you receive an error message: refer to the end of this article to diagnose the problem.

  6. Wait 10 minutes until a new synchronization attempt is made. Synchronization should resume soon.

    • Refresh the page regularly to check the status of the synchronization.

    • If a large number of messages must be retrieved, a pictogram representing an hourglass may be displayed after a few moments: the synchronization may take some time, but it is a sign that the synchronization was able to resume successfully.

If you have a problem with the generation of the token or an error occurs when saving the source settings



The error message "User Token not from app or not valid" appears

You used an incorrect link to generate the token.

Repeat the step 4 of the previous procedure to retrieve the correct link and generate a valid token.

The error message “User Token the user who generated the token is not admin of the page” appears

The Facebook account that generated the token is not the administrator of the page. 

Verify that the following conditions are met:

1.  Do you have the Administrator role on the page and not a secondary role (Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, Live Contributor)?

To check it:
a. Does your page appear in the table in the "Pages" section on the token generation page?
b. In the administration of your Facebook page, then Settings > Page Roles > Existing Roles on the Page, do you see "Administrator" under your name?

2. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, are you logged in to the correct account?

You have updated the token and saved the source settings, but the source still does not syncVous avez mis à jour le token et sauvegardé les paramètres de la source, mais la source ne se synchronise toujours pas

You have generated a token for the first time and have not granted all necessary permissions in the Facebook Authorization Request window.

To check the permissions of the token you generated, access the access token debugger. In the row "Scopes" of the table, you should see all the following permissions:

If you do not see all of these permissions, you have refused to grant them to RingCentral, which prevents the synchronization of messages. Follow this procedure to remove the RingCentral application from your applications, then repeat the previous procedure in step 4. When an authorization request window appears, be sure to continue and click OK without changing the permissions.

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