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Why do I not systematically have the ability to “Request a task”?

A soft capability and a hard capability are defined for the agents who work in Tasks view in RingCentral Engage Digital. The soft capability corresponds to the number of tasks that an agent can receive in push mode. The hard capability is the maximum number of tasks that an agent can manually retrieve if he wants to.

Once reaching the soft capability limit, your status changes to “Available (busy)” and you won’t receive tasks automatically. If your hard capability is higher than your soft capability, the “Request a task” button appears and you can request new tasks until you reach your hard capability limit.


In this example, you have a soft capability of 2 tasks and a hard capability of 3 tasks.

Automatically, when you are in an Available status, RingCentral Engage Digital will send you 2 tasks (soft capability). Once the two tasks are in your Ongoing tasks, your status will be “Available (busy). At this moment, the “Request a task” button is present.

Your hard capability being 3, you can have a maximum number of 3 tasks in your Ongoing tasks, thus, you can ask for one more task (2 tasks received automatically and 1 task asked). When you reach your hard capability, your status changes to “Available (max capability)”, and you can no longer ask for new tasks when you are in this status.

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