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Approval of answers by the supervisor

As a supervisor, you can set up a response approval system. Supervisor’s approval is done in the Folders view by a folder with the request "approval_required: true". Two modes of operation are possible.

Systematic approval

You may want to systematically forward outbound agent messages for approval before they are sent to the client. This can be useful when an agent starts on your team.

  1. Go to Administration

  2. Click on the icon to the right of the agent

  3. Check the "Approval Required" box to the right of the source on which you want to enable approval

  4. Click Save

When the agent responds to the client, the messages will automatically go into Awaiting approval and switch to the corresponding folder. You then have the ability to edit the message and to validate the sending by clicking on the Approve button.

Application for approval by the agent

Even if an agent is not under approval, he can still ask a supervisor to check his answer by asking for approval by himself if he is not sure of the answer he gives. To do this, simply check the supervisor icon at the bottom right of the response window.

If you do not see the icon, enable the option "Allow authors to request approval of their messages" in the "CONFIGURING MESSAGES" section from Administration> Configuration.

Our advices

If the agent is working in Tasks mode on typical chat or messenger channels. It is not recommended to enable approval on these sources where the flow of messages is important.

We advise the agent to handle the processing as if the message was actually sent, ie to postpone or terminate the processing at the end of the request. Thus, you will only have to Approve or Edit the message.

Supervise the answers of your agents

By going through the supervision view, you have the opportunity to supervise the work of your agents and see in real time the answers they write to customers. You can supervise an agent connected to the Tasks view by clicking on his name or one of its current tasks.

When you supervise an agent, the agent is not informed that you are watching him process the received tasks. Your movements and actions are not visible to the agent and do not impact them unless you request a task, accept a task, or change their availability status.

The task that the agent is currently processing has a yellow outline. If the agent is responding, an animated ellipsis appears on the task in question.

It is not possible to supervise an agent working in Folders view.

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