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If you receive messages that do not need to be processed, you can ignore the message by archiving. Doing so will exclude it from the RingCentral Engage Digital processing system.
The Ignore function is very important in RingCentral Engage Digital, especially in the Folders view. Indeed, if you read a message, consider that it should not be answered and leave it in "New" status, the thread will remain in the common box of new messages. Archiving the message indicates that this message has been read, but that you will not respond.

Different ways to archive messages

It is not possible to archive a message to which you have already replied.

Archiving manually

By clicking on the Ignore button that appears on the flyover of a new message or message being processed, the message becomes grayed out and its status changes to "Ignored" to indicate to other agents that the message does not need to be processed

Mass archiving

If no message in a thread is to be processed, it is possible to archive all messages in this thread using the bulk Ignore option. To bulk archive, click the Ignore button that appears on the thread overview. All messages with the New or Assigned status will be archived.

Mute a thread

The Mute option allows you to automatically archive all incoming messages in a thread. If messages have already been imported before the use of muting, it is necessary to ignore the messages manually or to mass ignore.

Can I cancel the "Ignore" action?

The opposite of ignoring is to process/assign a message. If you have inadvertently archived a message, it is always possible to retrieve and process it by accessing the archived message and clicking the Edit button or the additional "Assign" options. The status of the message will switch from "Ignored" to "In Process" and will end up in the Inbox if you are working in Folder View. If you work in Tasks view, you can access messages that you have archived from your history. To process an archived message, click the Resume button.

Our tips for increasing productivity

Archive the last message of an intervention automatically

Even within an intervention, a message can be archived. Indeed, if the last message of the customer is "Thank you" and that you do not answer it, the status of the message will remain "Assigned". When you close the intervention, this last message will be automatically archived and its status will change. There is no need to ignore it by hand, the action of finishing the processing is enough.

Closing the task automatically archives the messages

The archiving modes remain the same in task mode, you can manually ignore, in bulk, mute.

However, in order to save time, the only action to close the task is to archive the messages of the tasks that have the status New or Assigned.

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