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Categories in RingCentral Engage Digital

Categories are important elements in the use of RingCentral Engage Digital. They are used for many purposes such as:

  • Analytical tracking of messages by type of contact.

  • The organization of folders by category.

  • Message dispatch in Tasks view.

  • The organization of agents by skills. 

Categories are organized into hierarchies composed of up to 6 levels including parent categories and subcategories.

The group of categories

Category groups are level 0 categories that include subcategories. The options associated with a category group are inherited by the subsequent subcategories.

  • Multiple: If checked, it is possible to assign several subcategories of this category group to a thread, an intervention or a message.

  • Mandatory: If checked, you will need to add a category of this group to the thread (either at the beginning of the process or at the end, depending on the situation).

  • Post Qualification: if checked, the categorization will occur once the processing of the intervention is completed.

  • Do not use for tasks routing: if checked, subcategories of the parent category are not taken into account for routing tasks and are mainly used for analytical purposes.

  • Unselectable: if checked, the parent category cannot be selected in the list and only its subcategories are.

What is the difference between Pre-qualification and Post-qualification?

Pre-qualification categories

Pre-qualification categories can be added upon import of messages. They allow for example to determine the type of contact. You can use the rules engine, default categories, or ICE, to automatically categorize threads. If you are using the Tasks mode, pre-qualification categories are essential for routing tasks. In the Folders view, they can also be used to sort the threads in different folders according to their categories. 

Post qualification categories

The post-qualification categories make it possible to precisely define the type of contact once the intervention is being closed. They only appear at the end of the message processing after the process is complete. These categories are not taken into account for tasks routing and serve only for analytical purposes.

It is not possible to use a post-qualification category to categorize a thread, a post-qualification category can only be added to an intervention because it is only relevant if an answer has been brought to the customer.

For further information, read the Categories section of the Administrator guide.

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