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Manage password security rules

RingCentral Engage Digital offers several solutions to reinforce the password security rules of agents working on the console. These options are accessible from the Security section of RingCentral Engage Digital’s Administration. The available options allow you to:

  • Set a password expiration timeout

Once the expiration time has passed, the agent will be prompted on the next login to set a new password. If this option is not enabled, the agent’s password will never expire.

  • Prevent re-use of old passwords

If the "Prevent reuse of old passwords" option is enabled, the agent will not be able to reuse an old password. If he tries to save a password that has already been used, an alert message will inform him. You can set the number of previously used passwords, see below.

  • Password retained

The console will keep in memory the last passwords used by the agent when renewing his password. If the number of passwords retained is 5, the agent will not be able to use the last 5 passwords used to connect.

  • Number of characters minimum

This option allows you to define the minimum number of characters that the agent will have to enter when defining his password. Several sub-options may be added such as the obligation to contain at least:

  • 1 capital and 1 lowercase

  • 1 digit

  • 1 non-alphanumeric character

After 10 failed attempts, the agent's account is blocked for 2 hours. It is also possible to unblock the account before the 2-hour deadline by following the link sent to the email address of the agent's account.

Forgotten password

If an agent has forgotten his password, he can click on "Forgotten password?" on the login page to reset his password. You can also send the password recovery email from Administration > Agents > Additional Options > "Send Password Recovery Instructions".

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