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Filter a thread

On a public source (Twitter, Facebook, Forum), you might find threads with numerous messages, leading to numerous interventions. It might be useful to find particular content without scrolling the whole thread. You might also need to display only the messages from interventions of one particular agent, or the messages from one particular identity, or a combination of both.

For any thread, you can use filters to mask irrelevant messages and find the messages you are looking for. To do so, click on the funnel icon in the bar above the thread. Two new fields appear: “All agents” and “All identities”.

Depending on your needs, there are 3 possible combinations of filters:

  • One selected agent, all identities: displays all the interventions assigned to this agent within the thread.

  • All agents, one selected identity: displays all the interventions related to the selected identity (several agents possible).

  • One selected agent, one selected identity: displays all the interventions assigned to the selected agent with the selected identity.

Once you applied the filters, irrelevant messages are automatically masked. When subsequent messages are masked, a horizontal bar appears and shows the number of masked messages. You can unmask them at any moment by clicking the bar.

To clear filters, click on the cross button at the right of filters.

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