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What are the differences between the Folders view and the Task view?

The Task view and the Folders view are two different systems for distributing and displaying messages imported in RingCentral Engage Digital.

Folders View

In the Folders view, messages are organized in folders depending on various criteria (source, team, status, experience…). Folders work as inboxes within which messages are imported according to the aforementioned elements. Within this mode, agents are able to engage any message they want in the folders they have access to.

For more information, see the section Folders View of the Administrator Guide.

Task View

The Task view works as an automatic call distributor. Within this mode, messages are imported to the console and automatically dispatched to the available agents according to the capabilities associated with each agent’s profile and the implemented topology. The Task view also enables to implement a system for prioritizing messages and to define SLA for each source.

For more information, see the section Task View of the Administrator Guide.

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