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Insert standardized replies

The activation of the Reply assistant in the Extensions and the permission to Manage reply assistant are required to perform the following actions

RingCentral Engage Digital enables to implement a reply assistant where you can add pre-recorded replies and use them to save time when replying to frequently asked questions.

Using an entry of the reply assistant

In the reply window, click on the feather button. A window appears and displays all the replies available for the ongoing intervention. Click on an entry to display it in the message body. If the entry has several versions, you can navigate them by clicking on the navigation arrows < and > or using the arrows on your keyboard. If a shortcut has been defined for an entry, you can initiate the entry directly by using the shortcut.

To validate the insertion of the entry, click the check mark or press the Enter key on your keyboard.

To cancel the insertion of an entry, click on the cross button or click on another entry to display it instead. If you already validated the insertion of an entry, you can always go back by pressing CTRL+Z or CMD+Z.

The reply assistant may not appear if the window width is below 915 pixels.

The reply assistant is not available for chat like sources (Chat, Dimelo Mobile…). However, autocompletion is available on these sources (only in the Task view): when you type in the text zone, a dropdown menu appears and displays the answers that were given previously.

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