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Agents are available but tasks are not distributed

There are several situations that can cause tasks to not be delivered to agents in Tasks mode. Before contacting the RingCentral Engage Digital support team, it is important to check the following:

Internet connection

It is possible that the issue may be related to a connection problem where the agents are located. Tasks mode is very sensitive to any micro-break in the Internet connection because it relies on real-time technologies.
Try to connect the agent's machine to another internet network (from the 4G network of a phone for example).
If the internet connection is not in question, also prompt the agent to log out and log back into the console.

Agent Account Configuration

The distribution of tasks to the agents is subject to several different elements in the agent profile configuration. If an agent that is supposed to receive jobs does not receive one, check the following:

Agents Permissions

For an agent to receive a task, he must first be able to read and respond to messages from that source. To check the permissions of an agent:

  1. Go to Administration> Agents

  2. Click on the key icon to the right of the agent

  3. Make sure the Read and Reply checkboxes are checked, if not check the

  4. Click save

Agents Categories

The distribution of tasks to agents is governed by the categories that are associated with the agent's profile and those associated with the task. If the agent has categories assigned to a task on his profile, he is a potential candidate for receiving and processing that task. If only one of the categories associated with the task is not present on the agent's profile, he will not be able to receive this task. You can check which agents have a particular category by following this procedure:

  1. Go to Admin > Agents

  2. In the All Categories field, select a category

The agents listed are those whose category is associated with their profile.

You can also see who are the potential candidates for receiving a task by clicking on the eye icon in the Channels section of the Supervision. Agents that can accept this task are listed in Possible agents.

Identities of the agents

On most sources, an identity is automatically assigned to an agent's account and replies to a message in that name. However, on some sources such as the forum or sources containing multiple identities, it is necessary to manually assign an identity to an agent in order to respond. Identities allow agents to respond as a particular entity or name. Without assigning an identity to the sources you want to respond to, you will not be able to respond and to receive tasks.

To learn more, refer to our article I have permission to answer but I only have access to the Ignore button. (lien à ajouter une fois l’article publié)

If the tasks are still not distributed to the agents after all these checks, please contact RingCentral Engage Digital's support at the following address:

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